Attention North Haven Residents

pile of leaves on edge of road

This has been a year of crazy storms with lots of branches and debris left on our properties. Everyone is making neat piles along the roadside with the expectation that the town will eventually pick it up. NOT THIS TIME!

I checked with our local Public Works department of North Haven on 3/20/19 and they are NOT doing roadside pickups. You can however, bring your piles to the transfer station without a dump pass and leave your piles there.

Not everyone has a truck that they can haul their branches and debris in. For that matter, there are many who really don’t have time or feel like doing the work to get rid of their storm debris. That’s were we come in to help North Haven residents.

We would be happy to come out, give you a price and chip your debris on the spot. Give us a call at 203-654-6345.

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beautiful sod giving the yard a vibrant look

Caring For New Sod

Watering is the key. You are excited because you just had your beautiful new sod installed and you want it to continue