You Gotta Love Fresh Mulch

multi colored mulch

Advantages of mulching

Besides the fact that fresh mulch makes landscape and flower beds look well groomed and lovely, there are several other advantages to mulching.
What are some of those advantages you ask. Well, mulching helps keep weeds at bay by blocking sunlight and also suffocating seedlings. Mulch also attracts worms that help with aeration of the soil beneath. A lovely layer of mulch will also help retain moisture and help maintain a healthy soil temperature. Be sure never to pile mulch against the trunk of your trees. This has the potential to cause insect and disease problems.

Be sure to get a quality mulch that doesn’t harbor pests such as slugs and snails and have it installed correctly so as not to make fertilizer application difficult.

Nothing makes a landscape look more “finished” than a lovely, fresh mulch application. Enjoy!

More Green Tips!

beautiful sod giving the yard a vibrant look

Caring For New Sod

Watering is the key. You are excited because you just had your beautiful new sod installed and you want it to continue