Do I Really Need To Prune Those Fruit Trees?

Tree components infographic

You sure do. Here’s why…Pruning is an important part of caring for your fruit trees because the outer layer, called the canopy, becomes densely crowded with branches and suckers if not pruned. Also, the broken or diseased branches as well as watersprouts need to be removed. Each branch needs enough room to grow. Pruning accomplishes this by reducing overcrowding and increasing the amount of sunlight that the tree needs to thrive and produce strong flower bud development. It is imperative that each branch gets adequate sunlight for good fruit production. The two primary goals of pruning are shaping and controlling tree size.

The best time to prune your fruit trees is in the Winter or early Spring. This insures that the trees are dormant when a severe pruning is done. If need be, a minor pruning can be done at the end of Summer.

Pruning is an important and necessary part of fruit tree health and good fruit production.

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