Do Trees Really Add Value To Your Property?

beautiful home with perfect landscaping and trees

Yes, they do. Studies have shown that residences with trees in the area can increase home values from 10% to 15% depending on the location.

A study in Portland, Oregon showed increased values between $1688 and $19,958.
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Here are some of the those benefits

  1. The obvious aesthetic enhancements
  2. Improve air quality
  3.  Sequester carbon by absorbing carbon dioxide
  4. Increases oxygen in the air through photosynthesis
  5. Reduce storm water runoff and erosion by absorbing water through the root system and deflecting rain as it falls to the ground.
  6. Trees cool the air through transpiration which is the releasing of water vapors through the leaves during hot weather
  7. Provide shade that cools buildings and saves cooling utility expenses, especially from shade trees planted on the southern and western sides of buildings.
  8. Deciduous trees (those that lose their leaves each fall) provide both heating and cooling attributes because they provide shade in the summer but after they drop their leaves they allow sun light penetration onto buildings in the winter which helps in warming and reducing heating expenses
  9. Well placed evergreen trees act as wind breaks which also can help reduce heating costs
  10. Trees can help shade and protect pavements and other hardscapes from the degrading effects of the sun which can help reduce replacement and maintenance costs
  11. Trees can block unwanted views
  12. Recent studies have shown stress reduction, shorter healing times for people, and improved behavior in children from settings with trees.

These are the positives of having trees on property, but it is also important to maintain them properly in order to maintain their health and beauty. Risk management is also very important as trees and branches can fail and drop to the ground causing damage to property or people. But these issues can be managed through a proper tree management program of regular tree evaluation, pruning, cabling, fertilization and pest control.

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