Spring Plantings – Planting Colorful Flowers To Brighten Your Landscape

beautiful fall flower brightening the enviroment

We’re all ready for a little color in our lives

​March is here and after a gray winter we are all eager to see some delightful blasts of color in our landscape. When I think of Easter and Mothers Day, I think of Spring colors. Those beautiful Tulips, Crocus, Daffodils, and Hyacinths are some of the classic favorites.

Often, I have received a lovely potted plant for the holiday, it’s full of color and then it fades…now what? Well, it’s time to cut back the plants and remove those bulbs. You can either keep them in a mesh bag for the summer and plant them in the Fall or just go ahead and plant those bulbs as part of your landscape for outdoor beauty in the following Spring.

Getting outdoors and planting gorgeous and colorful flowers to brighten our landscape is something we are all ready to do by March or April. One of my favorites are Pansies. There are so many varieties of color and beauty and Pansies also like cooler weather. They are perfect for early Spring planting.

Other cool weather plants that have beautiful flowers are Bloodroot and Snowdrop Anemone, as well as Hellebore, and Yellow Trillium. All of them thrive well for an early Spring landscape planting.

If you receive those lovely Hydrangea for Easter or Mother’s Day, they are usually not successful with outdoor planting and are often grown in a greenhouse and fertilized for a spectacular one-time bloom and can’t handle the cold winter making outdoor transfer often unsuccessful. If you love Hydrangea for your outdoor planting, go to a reputable nursery to purchase those beautiful plants.

It is March and Spring will be here in a flash. Get ready to do your early Spring plantings and add gorgeous color to your landscape. Enjoy!

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beautiful sod giving the yard a vibrant look

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