To Fertilize Or Not To Fertilize?

landscaper using a tool to aerate the soil

Why is tree and shrub fertilization important?

In the forest, in a natural undisturbed setting, trees grow having all of the essential elements and nutrients necessary to grow strong and healthy. There is no competition with lawn root systems and where all of the leaves are removed every fall. Leaves are left on the forest floor to decay and provide a thriving environment for earthworms and soil organisms to flourish. The natural ecosystem provides a healthy environment for trees to grow healthy and beautiful. Not quite the same in the average urban and suburban home landscape.
Fertilization is a very important part of tree and shrub plant health care. A good fertilization program provides the right macro and micro nutrients and soil amendments, that aren’t being supplied naturally in the urban and suburban landscapes. It’s like eating your fruit and vegetables along with your meat and potatoes. A good fertilization program will assist the plant and can result in larger beautiful flowers and leaves, better able to withstand heat and water stress, more resistance to disease and insect attacks, produce a stronger plant that can better withstand wind and storm events, and helps the tree recover quicker when there is tree damage.

Tree and shrub fertilization should be applied in the spring or fall seasons during the year.

More Green Tips!

beautiful sod giving the yard a vibrant look

Caring For New Sod

Watering is the key. You are excited because you just had your beautiful new sod installed and you want it to continue