Tree Service – It’s Never Too Late For Trims And Take Downs

tree branches hanging over a house

Are you getting concerned about those branches hanging over your house?

Lately we’ve gotten a lot of calls from people who have branches hanging over the house or driveway or they have trees that really lean toward a garage or shed. Here in southern Connecticut we haven’t had much weather yet, but people know it’s coming.

They have two main concerns:

  1. Will the snow bring the tree or branch down?
  2. Is it too late in the season to get it taken care of?

​​The answers are “Yes” and “No”.

Yes, the weight of the snow could most definitely bring that hanging branch or leaning tree down. There are factors such as the type of tree and the general health that would help determine the probability, but it certainly can happen.

No, we can do pruning and tree removal all winter, depending on weather conditions. If you are concerned about those trees or branches, get it looked at by an Arborist to determine what should be done. We would be happy to help you.

Better off safe than sorry.

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