Who’s Killing My Lawn?

mole vs vole infographic

Is it Moles, Voles, or both? I have been dealing with moles and voles for years. The mole tracks are bad for your lawn, look terrible and are just a plain frustration every time I see them. I’ve even resorted to driving over them with my car in hopes of squashing a mole along with the the tracks. Talk about desperation!

I’ve also planted ornamental bushes only to find them dying a couple of years later and then just pull out of the ground, roots completely severed and eaten. What on earth is going on here?

Last year I went to a green services trade show and was given a solar mole spike. I must admit I was a bit skeptical since I had tried everything else from traps to poison peanuts and nothing had worked. My wife decided that she was going to give the solar mole spike a try so she put it in our yard where there was a great deal of critter activity. I decided to wait a while before writing this blog and see what happened. Since my wife installed the mole spike three weeks ago, there has been no more mole tracks, not only in that part of the yard but in the front as well. Needless to say, I am more than pleased and I will be buying a couple more solar mole spikes to handle the remainder of our lawn. You just may want to give this product a try yourself.

More Green Tips!

beautiful sod giving the yard a vibrant look

Caring For New Sod

Watering is the key. You are excited because you just had your beautiful new sod installed and you want it to continue